by Stephen C. Yednock

These plays scripts are free for the asking

This web site will give you a brief description of the plays.  If you decide that you would like to use a play just fill out the request form (See tab above) and the scripts will be e-mailed to you along with permission for performances. There is no charge for the scripts nor is there any royalty charge for performances as long as you are using them in a school, church or non-profit theater group or organization. I ask only that you e-mail me with the results of your performances: comments, pictures etc. Since I travel by way of a walker it is hard for me to get around. This web site and these plays are my way of seeing the world so I would really appreciate your feedback.

My plays have been performed all over the USA and the world by schools, churches, and theater groups. 



The ideas, thoughts and opinions expressed in these plays are not necessarily those of the author. These ideas were captured in mid air by a dream catcher made in Pennsylvania and although this dream catcher was inspected by the US Government years ago there is no guarantee that it is still in good working order. We can not be responsible for any ideas that rub off, opinions that are changed or thoughts inspired by these plays. It is suggested that if you have misgivings do not open your mind while reading or during performances. If you do chose to open your mind we will not be responsible for anything that is deposited. Patrons are reminded to close their minds afterwards.